Over the past few years, I’ve been increasing my knowledge of baking! In doing so, I’ve felt pretty confident in my abilities as an amateur baker. After advancing in a few casting rounds for some national TV spots, I decided that something more local may be more up my alley. We’re very lucky to have the opportunities that we do, but in some downsizing in the past couple of years, we “cut” the cable cord; I found myself falling in love with a local channel in Cincinnati, Ohio called CREATETV. From Julia Child, to Julie Taboulie, I found inspiration for baking both simple and complex cuisine from around the world. I thought, this is the right fit for my knowledge base and how I wanted to share what I’ve learned.


When the opportunity arose to “compete” in the CreateTV Cooking Challenge, I jumped on. I wasn’t successful in my first try in 2017; it’s okay, I wasn’t ready. . . In 2018, the opportunity to enter the cooking challenge came again. This time, I was able to land into the Top 18! The most amazing thing is that I get to be featured on the CREATETV website with the video that I submitted.  I can’t say that I did it all on my own; my partner, Tony, and I came up with the concept, and he helped me film the entire submission video that subsequently landed us among the top spots.


I can’t thank my friends and family enough for being taste testers, sounding boards, and most of all drive to keep me going; their healthy appetites help me to keep being creative in the kitchen as I’m not one to want to serve the same thing over and over! Check out https://createtv.com/challenge/winners for all of my fellow contestants!