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"Special" Ingredient Fudge!


"Special" Ingredient Fudge!

Every year for the holidays, Tony and I receive a package of the most delicious chocolate fudge from my mother-in-law! I thought, “what a wonderful gift!” I didn’t really know how to make fudge, but recently, we’ve stumbled upon a recipe with a special ingredient that we’re reluctant to divulge!  We’ve of course modified and put our Will Bake 4 Food twist! Here’s How:



32 0z. Confectioner’s sugar

½ C baking cocoa


1 C butter (2 sticks)

8 oz. Velveeta cheese.

1 t Pure vanilla extract

*2 T brewed coffee


½ C chopped pecans or walnuts


Other stuff:

9” X 13” pan

Wax paper (or parchment paper)

Non-stick cooking spray

Large, wide-mouthed bowl

Heavy bottomed saucepot

Sharp kitchen knife/pizza cutter

Offset spatula or large spoon


Brew a cup of coffee (I use a single Keurig cup; instant coffee could be an option.).

Line the 9X13 in. pan with wax paper, cutting corners to allow a smooth inside. Leave enough of the paper above edges of pan to be able to grasp. Spray/oil lightly with non-stick cooking spray/vegetable oil and then gently spread around with a paper towel. Set aside.

Sift both the confectioner’s sugar and cocoa into a large bowl and whisk to evenly incorporate. Set aside.

Cube butter and cheese into small pieces and put into your heavy bottomed pot over low heat to melt, stirring constantly as to not let burn.

Pull cheese mixture from heat and add in vanilla and coffee, stir until combined thoroughly.

Pour over sugar/cocoa mixture and stir until combined; it will be pretty thick. Once no traces of sugar are left, spread mixture into the wax paper lined pan. Spread into an even layer with an offset spatula/large spoon, smoothing out the top as much as possible. Let set for c. 2 hours.

Pull out “sling” of wax paper, peel back edges and slice with a sharp knife into ¾ in. squares. Store in a container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.



Chocolate Citrus Almond Cookies


Chocolate Citrus Almond Cookies

We all have a friend or two with crazy dietary restrictions. I tried several recipes for those of my friends with a gluten allergy and could never find one that tasted any good. Well these cookies tasted so good that you don’t even have to say, “they’re gluten free.” We’ve put our Will Bake 4 Food twist gluten free cookies! Here’s How:



½ lb granulated sugar (about 1 C), reserving 3 tablespoons out for meringue

½ lb  Finely ground almond flour (about 2 C)

2 oz (1/2 thin bar) grated 100% cocoa bakers’ chocolate, grated

½-3/4 t ground cinnamon

1 orange (or lemon) rind, grated



3 large egg whites, room temp

1/8 t cream of tartar

3 T sugar (reserved from the ½ lb.)

1 t pure vanilla extract

topping (optional):

almond slivers or whole almonds

Other Stuff:

Large mixing bowl

Small mixing bowl

Fine and medium graters

Kitchen scale

Hand held/stand mixer fitted with whisk

Cookie scoop/teaspoon

2 large baking sheets

Parchment paper/silicone mat



Separate egg whites from yolks and allow to come to room temperature. Reserve the yolks for a delicious pastry cream or fruit curd!

Preheat oven to 300DegF. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper/silicone mat and set aside.

Measure out sugar and reserve 3 Tablespoons into a separate ramekin.  Add Almond Flour Grated Chocolate, cinnamon, and finally grated orange to sugar and whisk until thoroughly combined. Set this mixture aside.

In bowl of your stand mixer, whisk the egg whites until they begin to be frothy, add in the cream of tartar and whisk until soft peaks form. Gradually add the reserved 3 T of sugar a little at a time until all is in the mixture. Whisk for about 2 ½-3 Min until hard peaks form. Add in vanilla and whisk just until incorporated.

Fold the dry mixture into the meringue about 1/3 at a time until a stiff dough is formed. With a teaspoon or small cookie scoop portion out the dough onto a cookie sheet about 2 inches apart. I like to measure these out and then go back and roll them in between the palms of my hands to form a smooth ball. Once the sheets are full, top each ball with and almond sliver. Bake for a total of 23-25 minutes, rotating the pans half way through baking.  Once baked, allow to cool for about 2-3 minutes on the sheet before removing to a cooling rack; this will allow the cookies to set. I often have 2 baking sets of these.

The combination for bitter chocolate, sugar and orange zest is one that is hard to describe, but I would say it’s Heaven J. The BEST part about these cookies is that when stored in an airtight container, they will keep for up to 7 days (they won’t last that long).