Though he was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Will Reed was raised in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains on a cattle ranch.  He spent his formative years working with his parents to build their home, tend the farm and generally expand a sense of responsibility and an over-developed work ethic.

In the course of all this work, Will learned that he had a natural ability to sing.  As a young adult, he was accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts in Murfreesboro, TN to study voice.  He was chosen out of over 500 people auditioned to attend this summer program designed for Tennessee’s most talented young musicians.

During this program he learned that not only could he sing but was introduced to the person who would become his mentor; Dr. Jonathan Retzlaff encouraged Will to pursue his musical education beyond the foothills of Tennessee.

This journey past young adulthood took Will on numerous auditions for undergraduate programs at the country's most prestigious universities specializing in music education.  He was quickly accepted to the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music (CCM).

In September of 2000, he commenced his voyage toward a career as a professional musician by studying voice and obtaining an undergraduate degree in Music Education.  This endeavor began with his voice-type being that of Baritone.  He was fortunate enough to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education in June of 2004.

He immediately auditioned for the Graduate Program at CCM and was accepted as a Master’s Student in September of 2004.  His advisors were not certain of the validity of the Baritone in Will and encouraged him to study as a Tenor.

After learning that two years wasn’t enough time to successfully become one of the great tenors of the “golden age,” Will took a hiatus from school and began on the administrative path at CCM. After 4 years, he was encouraged and auditioned, and in 2010 was accepted into the Doctor of Musical Arts program at CCM.

All the while on the stage at local theaters, Will was accepted to the roster of the Regional, Heyman Talent Agency, in 2012 and has gained an impressive portfolio of Commercial and Print work.  His face has even landed on regional billboards for the local Frisch's Big Boy Chain! 

Along with his representation with Heyman Talent, Will currently holds a Core Chorister Position with Cincinnati Opera Chorus and teaches private voice at Cincinnati High Schools: Seton and Elder